“Intellectual Property Iconathon” by Kyle Chapin, Esq.

Intellectual Property Iconathon

On August 28, 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Noun Project, a California-based organization that promotes the development of symbols to build a visual language, teamed together to hold, what they have dubbed, the “USPTO Iconathon”. This event aimed to create a set of universally recognized icons representing various Intellectual Property terms and concepts. Groups of intellectual property experts, designers from AIGA D.C. and Code for NOVA, and members of the public worked together and developed 19 new icons that are ready to be used around the world. http://www.uspto.gov/blog/director/entry/icons_for_intellectual_property_concepts; https://thenounproject.com/USPTO/.

Brittany Maxey, Esq. Presents at SCORE

Brittany Maxey of Maxey Law Offices, PLLC recently presented for the “Intellectual Property, Anyone?” SCORE workshop in St. Petersburg. SCORE is a nationwide, non-profit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and small businesses on matters essential to growth and success.  Maxey’s presentation educated attendees on the importance of Intellectual Property to their businesses.

Brittany Maxey, Esq. participates in select audience for StartUp Studio Presentations

Brittany J. Maxey, Esq. of Maxey Law Offices, PLLC was invited to participate in the select audience for TEC Garage St. Petersburg’s StartUp Studio Presentations.  She listened to presentations from several local start-ups and provided them feedback based on her Intellectual Property expertise.

TEC Garage St. Petersburg (Technology and Entrepreneurship Center) provides entrepreneurs with the tools needed to turn an idea into a business or take the business to the next level.  For more information, visit http://www.tecgarage.org/.